Dear Linda & Serenity Skin Care,

I came to you for help in minimizing my pore size, minimizing my wrinkles around my eyes, and evening out the texture, color and pigmentation of my skin.  Linda, your work on my face with the microdermabrasion and peels has totally transformed its appearance.  My hypo and hyperpigmentation issues have been minimized, my pores are clean and virtually blackhead free! My lines around my eyes and on my forehead, have been greatly reduced.  In fact, the last time I came in for a microdermabrasion and peel, I then went out and ran some errands.  My face was so taut and smooth and even-toned that I got compliments galore!  Thank you, Linda and Serenity Skin Care for transforming my skin over the past few weeks. I love it!  

-Lisa Therle.


I have had facials all over the world, and Linda gives the best facials. –



Greetings, I just want to let you know that you are a very kind therapist, esthetician, massage therapist and person. I love the services you provide, but above all how you provide them. The environment in your establishment is of peace and it does not have the ambiance or smells of any of those “skin care clinics”. I feel as though I am going to the home of very good friend that likes me enough to take care of me, I feel like I am going home to peace. I appreciate your good skills please know you are well loved by your customers.

-Yoed Cameron Santos.


I have been going to Serenity Skin Care since it first opened years ago. And, I would never trust my skin to anyone but Linda. She has literally done wonders for me, and my skin looks and feels wonderful thanks to her professional care and products.

-Janet Dobson


Linda, you give the best facials.  When I went to Canyon Ranch and had a facial and it was nothing like the facial you do, you give the best facials anywhere that I have been, it’s your fingers and hands, you have wonderful hands.

-Nia C.


I was on vacation, and I wanted to have a facial so bad. But, I thought, I don’t know who is going to be working on my face, or what she’d do, so I’m going to wait until I get back to see Linda, because you know what you are doing.  I don’t want anyone else touching my skin, that I don’t know, so I waited until I got back to see you Linda.  

-Linda P.


I have been going to Serenity Skin Care for many, many years. The level of personalized service that you receive is fabulous. Serenity is a very intimate, private salon. Linda is caring, professional, and so knowledgeable about solving anyone’s skin problems. I trust her completely with my skin care needs.

-Kim Haulk McDonald 


I have been going to Serenity Skin Care and Day Spa since 2003, and I have had several services including massage, facials, makeover and body scrubs. Linda and her staff work very hard to ensure each client’s specific needs are met, whether it is getting one-hour massage or a full day of spa services. I will only refer friends to people I trust, and I have referred several people to Linda because her business is personalized customer service, one client at a time.

-Susan Henson.   


Finally, I have found a Day Spa that fulfills my every need.  Having moved to Virginia Beach from London I have tried so many salons to get a decent facial and was disappointed by each and every one.  By luck I found Serenity Skin Care & Day Spa and have not looked back since.  Linda Doyle is excellent.  I have had a number of facials and each time she takes time to really look at my skin and see what needs to be done.  Her facials include everything, when it says extractions she means it!  I have not come across that from anyone else. I have had a number of comments from people that my face is always glowing after a facial at Serenity.  I absolutely love going there, Linda and the staff are wonderful.

-Sabrina Wallace.


I have been to Tous in Houston, TX; Red Door and Elizabeth Arden in NY, NY; however, this was the BEST facial I’ve ever had in the last 10 years!!! Thank you.

-Geri Mitchell


I always like coming to Serenity, I feel relaxed as soon as I walk in the door.  The staff are friendly and professional and the décor is beautiful.  

-Kim McD.


Linda gives the best facials, I’ve had facials from other people, but Linda gives the best.  I don’t know what is different, all I know is she gives the best facials.  

-S. Oliver.


I really like coming to Serenity Skin Care. Linda not only gives a good facial but she has the personality too. My husband and I think that Linda is the sweetest person we know. There’s others out there that give good facials too, but they don’t have the personality to go with it.  Linda has it all under one roof.

Serenity Skin Care is a lovely spa, not too big – but beautiful. When I walked in I experienced “Serenity”. The atmosphere really fits the name. Linda goes out of her way not to be a “fast food” spa. She gives her clients more than adequate time to enjoy their treatments. I am so impressed Linda with what you do.

-Bill Johnson


Thank you so much for the amazing day I had just before my wedding. You really made me feel like a princess and helped me relax! We all enjoyed our spa day! You all were wonderful!

-Angie Rhinehart  


This was our first time at this facility. The staff was professional inviting and kind. They offered a wonderful couples spa treatment which was thoroughly enjoyed by our parents. They took care ensuring our parents felt comfortable and relaxed. This was a positive experience. I would highly recommend this facility. My Dad described the treatment as “superb”. More business should take this as a prime example – first impressions are lasting, and the way we were greeted and treated upon entering this establishment displayed that the owner thoroughly understood the importance of treating each customer special. Pros: Excellent service, warm and inviting – great ambiance. Cons: none.



Ms. Doyle, I just had to send a little note to thank you again for my exceptional spa experience. The special attention made me feel like a princess.  You are truly great at what you do and I will continue to recommend you to my friends and family. I’ll be in touch soon to make another appointment.  See you soon.



I have been on cruises and Linda’s massage is the best.

-Linda Cupit


Dear Linda, Thanks to you for the wonderful attention when I was there for the spa facial on my birthday May 20th! The bonus hand treatment was great. Thanks too for the lovely and fragrant votive candle you gave me.  All of that, then being with my family for dinner made the best birthday ever! In the next few weeks I want to make appointments for my husband and myself to have massages. Probably in July. All best wishes.

-Lois Martin Strode.


I have been going to Serenity Skin Care since it first opened years ago and I would never trust my skin to anyone but Linda. She has literally done wonders for me and my skin looks and feels wonderful thanks to her professional care and products.  

-Janet Dobson


This is the best facial I have ever had-and I have had plenty. I had a wonderful esthetician in California. I could never find one here. I’ve been here 22 years. Linda is better than what I had in California. Thanks so much.



I would highly recommend Serenity to all my friends and family. The staff were experienced and everyone was friendly. My time spent at Serenity was an escape from stress that I plan on doing again. Linda and the staff were great. I thoroughly enjoyed my Queen for The Day Package.

-Kalli Margaritis.